Revival | Medical and Industrial Gases


Many years of experience in a particurarly sensitive sector

ensure their proper operation. The manufacturers define in the manuals the terms for the proper maintenance of materials as well as the conditions for the technicians that carry out the maintenance works. Special attention should be paid to high-pressure points, given that medical gases have chemical and physical properties that present considerable dangers for anyone who has not received adequate training in this field.

  • Reliability
    Full reliability in maintenance works
  • Original spare parts
    Documented use of original spare parts
  • Prediction
    The proper maintenance is based on prediction
  • Remote monitoring
    Capacity of comprehensive remote monitoring

Others services provided by REVIVAL

REVIVAL has the know-how to ensure the provision of high-quality services for all the services accompanying its products and respective applications.

Control of tanks
The control of the tanks relating to their compliance with the legislation   and safety regulations is very important for their safe use.

Control of cryogenic equipment
The control of the cryogenic equipment and the space for installation ensure the proper functioning and the safety of the staff.

Tank regulators
The preventive control of the tank regulators at periodic intervals specified either by the manufacturers or based on their use, ensures their proper functioning.

Control of consumptions
The regular measurements of consumptions determine possible losses due to leaks or malfunctions.

The training of the staff (technical, nursing, administrative) enables the constant updating and avoidance of mistakes when using or ordering materials.