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Dry Ice

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide at a temperature of -79 ° C.  The raw material, i.e. carbon dioxide gas, comes either from chemical processes or from natural sources.  When it comes into contact with a food it causes intense cooling.  If there is a free atmosphere because of the temperature difference, it is transported directly to a gas phase, without humidity and as a pollutant for the environment (exhaustion).


  • It is a natural coolant
  • It is odorless and free from bacteria and stench
  • High cooling performance
  • Does not leave moisture


  • Store and transport refrigerated products
  • Cooling meals and drinks on airplanes and trains
  • Cooling during milling processing
  • Cooling meat during its processing
  • Visual effects in events, beverage presentation, etc.

Dry ice is offered in the form of “pellets” (16mm) and is transported in special packaging to preserve it.  In its application it is usually used with spray bottles or specially designed nozzles for the cooling of the products.