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Liquid Nitrogen Containers

Liquid nitrogen is a dangerous fluid that can cause skin burns, due to its strong cooling capacity, as well as suffocation phenomena (when volatilized) because of an increase in the concentration of the ambient air.

The filling of the transport containers is a very special procedure that requires specialized staff. Moreover it requires safety equipment which is specially designed for this application.

Our tanker lorry, specially designed for this purpose, is regarded as the best solution, in order to:

  • Avoid minor injuries and damages of the particularly sensitive transport containers that are usually caused by knocks while travelling by inappropriate vehicles.
  • Avoid delays in service which is done on site without moving the container away from it.
  • Ensure the safe carrying out of the filling procedure in the safest way.

Our vehicle approaches your site in the nearest and safest point for your equipment. The driver, specially trained for this purpose, fills the container on the spot which, then, is given back to you.

The service is available inside the Attica basin and is carried out within 24 hours from your order.

Our company also has liquid nitrogen containers for every application (banks of biological samples, auto-compressive containers, etc.). For more information, please contact us.