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Medical Gas Installation

The MEDICAL GAS INSTALLATIONS are the construction works of distribution systems from central source to consumption. These may include new installations in points where there are no central distribution systems, replacements of old systems that do not comply with the applicable legislation as well as extensions and improvements of the existing networks with a view to compliance with the legislation.

It is about works that require theoretical knowledge about the applicable legislation and the technical background for the sound execution of the works. The works are classified in the category of specialized works that cannot be executed by persons that have not been trained for this purpose.

Moreover, there is the need for continuous updating because the technology of these installations is a very dynamic situation that is constantly evolving with a view to achieving continuous improvement of safety conditions. Medical gases are substances with specific characteristics and behaviors that change according to the conditions and if not properly treated, they can be dangerous.

Full installations
REVIVAL, as the representative in Greece, undertakes the implementation of medical gas installations using materials of the company Air Liquide Medical Systems following the instructions of the manufacturer. The works are executed under the supervision of a qualified engineer according to EN ISO 7396-1 and EN ISO 7396-2 standards.

Oxygen generators
REVIVAL undertakes the implementation of installation works and the monitoring of the functioning of oxygen generators with a purity of 93% for hospital use. The works are carried out after detailed planning and measurements of the actual consumptions in cooperation with the representatives of the customer.

Verification and certification of medical gas systems
Equipped with the necessary measurement equipment, REVIVAL undertakes the implementation of works related to measurement and certification of medical gas distribution systems in accordance with EN ISO 7396-1 standard. The works are carried out by a qualified engineer.