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Oxytrans Tank

Oxytrans and Oxyvent oxygen tanks were established on the Greek market as the products that give solution to a plethora of everyday problems faced by the users of oxygen devices such as:

  • Purchase of pressure regulators which, due to their frequent use, are worn and require replacement.
  • Purchase of oxygen flow regulators (flow meters) that are also damaged because of their frequent use.
  • Continuous replacements of tanks because of damaged valves due to use of tools for the adaptation of pressure regulators.
  • Finding the right instrument of regulation, depending on the use of the oxygen tank.

OXYTRANS and OXYVENT oxygen tanks were created not only to overcome such problems but also for practical purposes. These tanks consist of the respective head where the valve, the pressure relief valve, the control manometer, the supply system of 3, 5 bar (OXYVENT version) the safety valve and the flow regulator (flow meter) are a single instrument. As a result, all necessary parts are already available in OXYTRANS and OXYVENT oxygen tanks without the need to spend time and money to find them and, therefore, the oxygen therapy is an easy process for inpatient, outpatient or domestic use. It should be noted that in the case of OXYVENT, it is possible to provide oxygen (3, 5 bar) to portable ventilator, and, at the same time, to supply oxygen through the flow regulator 0-15 lt/mn for a simple oxygen therapy or an emergency.

Finally, it should be underlined that OXYTRANS and OXYVENT oxygen tanks abolish any requirement for purchase of regulators, flow meters, manometers or valves. All the above are included in the head of the tanks, which is protected by a special plastic cap in order to avoid any possible damage of the tank and minor injuries of the staff.

The ease of use and transport make this device suitable for applications such as:

  • Inter-hospital transfer using stretchers
  • Use in ambulances
  • Emergency medical services
  • As a small reserve of the supply system where an oxygen tank is required

OXYTRANS and OXYVENT oxygen tanks are widely available in sizes of 3 or 5 liters. Nevertheless, it is possible to adjust the heads to different sizes in order to meet the needs of the customer. The accessories for the above tanks are the relevant transport trolleys.