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Portable Gas Tank (small)

The PORTABLE GAS TANKS (small) are a product of particular interest to REVIVAL.

The specificities of their use are numerous. The selection of the right size that adapts to the relevant requirement is a special procedure and the staff of REVIVAL is fully aware of it.

Some of the basic areas of application are as follows:

  • Ambulances and emergency medical services
  • Inter-hospital transfer of patients
  • Back-up system in the event of a failure of the basic system of oxygen therapy at home
  • Units of reduced oxygen requirements provided that there is an oxygen supply system (e.g. doctor’s offices, fitness centers)
  • Supply in confined spaces (e.g. anesthetic devices, portable ventilators)
  • In general, where there is a need for an oxygen tank in the case of an emergency.

REVIVAL has all the types of portable tanks including very small (1 liter) and large (10 liters or more) sizes. Depending on their use, they are made of steel or aluminum, their pressure is 150 or 200 bar with a screw-down or pin-index valve etc.