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Refrigerants R134a, R404A, R410A, R407C, R1234yf. Ideal for refrigeration, air conditioning and many other applications. Refrigerants are manufactured in accordance with all laws and criteria required for safe use and have a low environmental impact (GWP, ODP). They are available in special, portable bottles of small or large size as needed.


  • Cooling and air conditioning industries
  • Car air conditioning
  • Refrigerated food units
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Natural gas industry



R407C is a zeotropic coolant (mixture) composed of: 23% R32, 25% R125, and 52% R134a. It is suitable for air conditioning and medium temperature applications.


R410A is an azeotropic coolant (mixture) composed of: 50% R32-CHF2CF3, 50% R125-CH2F2. It has higher yields than other liquids, but it works at very high pressures in its condensation. Transfusions should always be carried out in liquid phase. All equipment is differentiated due to high fluid pressures. (Filling lines, pressure gauges, special adapters of an air conditioner unit)


R404A is a zeotropic coolant (mixture) consisting of 44% R124, 52% R143A, 4% R134a. Ideal for cooling performance at low exhaust temperatures and favorable in freezing facilities.


The R-134a is the first coolant choice for home appliances, small independent cooling units, for very large coolers, and for car air conditioning. It is also a component in many coolant mixes on the market. The R-134a belongs to the HFC category, and works with PΟE lubricants.


The tendency of recent years to raise environmental awareness has led to the search for solutions with lower impacts on global warming. The new HFO R1234yf is the new generation of coolant for car air conditioning, since it emits a much lower impact in the atmosphere in comparison to the R134a and at the same time offers high cooling efficiency. The majority of automakers have already proceeded to produce car models using the R1234yf in the air conditioning system. In summary its advantages are as follows:

  • Designed for use in car air conditioning
  • Similar performance and energy consumption to R123a
  • Compatible with all climatic conditions
  • Within the tightest environmental limits worldwide
  • ODP = 0 (Ozone Depletion Potential)
  • GWP = 4, i.e. 99.7% lower than R134a
  • Non-toxic

Security measures:

  • R1234yf is flammable and requires additional protection measures
  • R1234yf may be used in air-conditioning systems specifically designed for this product. It must not be used on R134a-operated machines